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IES School Clinic

In The Ideal English school, RAK, we aim to keep our students safe and healthy. We do this by ensuring a secure and caring environment where we foster a sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is important that we comply with the standards and the regulations of Health Authority.

  Role of School Clinic·       
Provide first aid or emergency care to sick or injured students. ·      Conduct medical examinations and maintain the personal health record for each student. ·      A student personal file is recorded and regularly updated and maintained:  every student scheduled vaccination, annual check-ups (height, weight, BMI, BMI percentile, etc.) and any other visits to the school clinics is well maintained. ·      Parents are required to submit their child’s Medical Fitness Form, which should be completed by their family Physician or Pediatrician. ·      Special case student’s files are maintained. ·      Parents are required to provide the school with updated vaccination records for their child/children. Vaccinations are usually scheduled for grade 1 students every year. ·      A notification is sent to parents prior to the actual date of vaccination. Parents are asked to sign a consent form and return it to the clinic prior to the date of vaccination. 

Procedures on Accidents and Emergencies·     
Inform parents immediately. ·      Transfer the sick or injured student to the emergency care facility after taking consent from the parents. ·      Incident records are maintained. 

Medication and sickness ·   
   Children suffering from fever with a temperature above 37.7 C should be kept at home. ·      If a child develops fever during the school day, parents will be notified to collect their child (as soon as possible) at the earliest.·      The school clinic has its own supply of medications. ·      No student is permitted to carry any medication to school, except inhalers for asthmatic students. ·      School transport shall not be provided to a student falling sick during school hours. The parent must pick up the student.·      Administer analgesic (pain relief medicine) only after obtaining parental consent.·      Notify and receive verbal consent of the parents before administering any medication to a student.·      Notify parents if a student visits the school clinic repeatedly with the same complaint.·      Store the emergency medications sent by parents for students with illnesses such as anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy and Type 1 diabetes. 

Forms and Declarations:
  Parents are required to submit the following forms/documents/declarations to the school clinic: • Personal Information.  • Medical History. • Immunization Records.  • Consent for the Administration of Medications.  • Consent for Emergency Treatment.    
Staff Health 

Supports the mental and physical health of school employees helps to support student’s health and academic success. Staff’s medical history are maintained.   
  Communication with Parents     
Parents’ will be contacted by telephone and/or email/ SMS. ·      Clinic staff may contact parents if they need to obtain some information about the child or inform child’s parents about administering medication. ·      Parents will be informed immediately if their child is unwell and need to be collected from the school at the earliest. ·      We will not put a child who is ill or distressed on a school bus. ·      The parents must collect their child as a matter of priority. ·      Parents may also come and meet the school nurse at any time during school hours.